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Why Do Small Businesses Stay Small?
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Articles To Help You and Your Business Grow!

  • Conversation with an Entrepreneur
    Jerry from Texas was a member of my mastermind group. He was an internet wizard, self-employed and described himself as “busier than a cat in a sandbox.”  (colorful Texas aphorism) It seemed he wasn’t getting as much accomplished as he wanted to, despite a heroic work ethic. I asked him…
  • Punctures on the Road to Success
    PUNCTURES ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS – a coaching story about growth. Why the quick-fix approach to problem solving will leave your life in tatters.
  • Improving Marketing With Productivity
    The question, “What is Productivity?” has been present for me for over forty years. It's been a search. I somehow knew that productivity was the key to overall success. I define productivity as “Doing something worthwhile, striving to do it well and achieving a measurable goal that is intrinsically fulfilling.”…
  • What is CEO Time When It Comes To Time Management?
    Did you hear about the CEO who had a $300/hr bookkeeper? Ask a CEO or Small Business owner how he divides his time between CEO work, managing, and "Chief Employee" work (where he actually does work an employee could do.)  Most will say "10%, 40%, 50%" It's likely that many…
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Today, I have several brand new clients, my team is expanding and my boyfriend has become my fiance! My business no longer runs my life, my client base is growing and my earnings are increasing. I have fulfilled my definition of success."
- Jennifer Brightbill, Seamstress

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